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Turbo Separator 

Todays requirement for ever higher productivity demands the most from your process in which the coolant or lubricant will play a major part. The demands from the coolant can mean a very short working life or the rapid decline in tool performance as dirt and other contaminants build up in the system. Turbo-Separator offer a range of fluid cleaning modules that can be integrated with your system or used as portable cleansing units. Built around the very efficient cleaning centrifuge, each of the modules offered gives rapid and efficient separation of solids from liquid and also can remove other liquid contaminants from the system, such as hydraulic oil from soluble coolant. Environmental factors also demand that waste products are free of process contaminants and the fastest, safest way to remove solids from liquid is often by the centrifugal method. This means that not only is your waste water clean, but valuable material can be recovered, for recycling in many instances. They do not use expensive filter materials and give a sludge with very little residual moisture and all solids, even non-magnetics, such as glass, ceramic, grinding medium fines, rubbings from honing and lapping stones and graphite can be completely removed. All types of liquids can be cleaned such as water, emulsions, oil, petroleum and electrolyte with a constant grade of filtration.

Coolant recovery
- Separating steel, non-ferrous metal and
Aluminium from turning machine.
- with Turbo Oelex oil skimming unit floating
tramp oil can be removed from coolant.
- with immersion cooling unit to maintain
constant temperature when using internally
cooled tools.
Filtration of grinding coolant.
- Separating carbide, HSS, abrasives,
glass, ceramic from oil or water based
- options include re-cooling unit,
electrostatic air cleaner and
frequency controlled supply pumps,
Fine cleaning of honing oil
- full flow separation of steel and
abrasive particles from paraffin oil
from gear honing machine
-with immersion cooling unit to
maintain constant temperature.
- with magnetic pre-filter to
reduce sludge load
Recycling of special fluids in photo resist and
process water from brushing operations

- with press-out appliance for easy removal of
sludge liner
Recycling of vibratory process liquid
- separating steel, aluminium, brass
and abrasives from circulated
process liquid in vibratory systems
- with internal finest cleaning circle
for superior filter quality
Side stream cleaning and de-oiling
wash water and phosphatising baths
in plating applications, painting and
stripping processing liquid.

- separating sludge and solids
- optional separation of tramp oil
- unit available completely in SS316
- with integrated oil after separation
tank in 3-phase applications
- compact design consumes little
floor space


The T5B centrifuge forms the core of a
variety of small and handy filtering devices which can be integrated with your system. They are designed for the efficient filtration of small liquid quantities with low levels of contaminants, especially proven in applications for hard metal grinding, glass grinding and tool grinding. Can be integrated with cooling and / or oil vapour suction devices.

Processing capacity 20 - 50 l/min
Motor 0.8 kW
Rotation speed 2880 rpm
Specific gravities 900 - 1180 g

Protective control with thermal
Control lights for operation and
Control transformer
Standard equipment
Electromagnetic safety brake
Cover security interlock
2 Sludge inserts
Full operation and maintenance

Designed to be attached to an existing installation the T5B-02 can transform a coolant tank to a filtration unit.
Size: L x W x H 585 x 450 x 480 mm
Weight approx 75 kg


The T5B-03 is a free-standing unit that can be positioned next to any process machine for a wide variety of cleaning operations


TURBO K100 / T5B
A complete, ready to operate system. The unit stands on castors for mobile operation or positioning next to particular machines. The Turbo T5B cleaning centrifuge is coupled with a 100 litre tank with clean coolant delivery pump. Rated up to 30 lt / min at 0.6 bar.


TURBO K200 / T5B
As the K100 / T5B but with larger, 200 litre, coolant tank and capacity up to 50 / lt / min at 0.6 bar.


The T10B centrifuge is a larger version of the popular T5B unit. It is particularly suitable for applications requiring moderate coolant delivery in areas that have low to moderate levels of contamination. The devices can be coupled with a coolant tank and delivery pump and can be fitted with cooling devices where necessary.
Processing capacity 20 - 120 l/min
Motor 0.8 kW
Rotation speed 2880 rpm
Specific gravities 980 - 1320 g


TURBO K350 / T10B
The T10B centrifuge coupled with 350 litre capacity tank for processing up to 60 litres / min. The 0.6 kW clean oil pump has a delivery capability of 60 lt / min at 0.6 bar.


TURBO K500 / T10B
As the K350 / T10B unit but with larger 500 litre capacity tank and delivery capability of 90 lt / min.


The Turbo T14 centrifuge is designed for filtering medium fluid volumes up to 120 litres/min. The unit will separate solids from liquid as well as separate two dissimilar fluids where contamination has occurred. The fast rotating bowl guarantees high filtration levels without the use of expensive filtering medium while the heavy construction of the Turbo centrifuge T14 makes it suitable for extreme conditions.
Excellent filter quality from 1 - 10 microns.
No cost for filtration media
Reduced disposal costs due to solid and dry sludge with no filtration media.
Superior machine performance due to high cleanliness of coolant in system.
Ease of handling.
Short pay back period.