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Tool & Cutter Grinding 

The name SCHREYER has represented innovation and precision in machine manufacturing since 1919.
With more than 15,000 manual universal tool grinding machines from the following manufacturers
currently sold and serviced by us worldwide

SCHREYER Nuremberg and Winkelhaid

Gebr. SAACKE Pforzheim

HAAS Trossingen

we are one of the most renowned grinding machine manufacturers in the whole of Europe. Our product range includes conventional, semi-automated, cycle-controlled and CNC tool grinding machines, as well as CNC saw blade grinding machines.
We service and supply spare parts for the above-mentioned manufacturers' machines from the year of manufacture 1960.
accuracy means - nothing is left to chance.

Universal Tool Grinding Machine WS 1

The "universal genius". The ideal machine for small and medium workshop. Simple operation, accuracy and flexibility make the WS 1 for "Swiss army knife" in tool grinding.

Universal Tool Grinding Machine UWS 4

The "big sister" of the WS 1 greater flexibility
and a variety of accessories. It has all the advantages of WS 1, but with larger stroke ranges and a swivel work table.

Universal Tool Grinding Machine UW1 A

SAACKE universal manual tool grinding machines are ideal for economic grinding and edge refurbishment of
Individual tools and small series of HSS and Carbide for metal and woodworking industries.

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Universal Tool Grinding Machine UW 11

The model UW II is also based on the SAACKE and is on the forefront of conventional grinding technique. The modern and functional design and the sturdy construction meet the highest standards in terms of accuracy and performance.

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Universal Tool Grinding Machine AWS 10

The AWS 10 combines the compact design of conventional WS 1 with the latest drive technology. The table movement can be regulated either manually or continuously by frequency controlled electric motor. Optional for the AWS 10 is a digital display for the longitudinal, transverse and vertical axis.

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Universal Tool Grinding Machine AWS 20

Machine body and structure are identical to the conventional UWS 4 but with switchable motor-driven table stroke. As with the smaller AWS 10 also digital displays (for max. 3 axis) are optional.

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Universal Tool Grinding Machine AWS 30

The AWS 30 is identical to UWII. The table drive is hydraulic.

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With capacity from 1 mm up to 32 mm the 1-32 machine offers unrivalled versatility in being able to produce standard radial relief points, 4-facet and split point geometries as well as being able to web thin in various forms. Both HSS and Carbide drills can be sharpened and the machine will also grind the lead on various types of taps. Step drills with or without pilot relief can be ground, the former requiring additional equipment which allows the spiral to be generated on the relieving operation. Countersink tools, spade drills and other special tools can all be ground on this machine. Grinding range 1-32mm
Infinitely variable clamping range
Radial relief
Double angle points
4-facet and split points
6-facet grinding
Point thinning
Indexing operation for multi-flute tools
Pilot relieving attachment available
Rapid operation
Quick wheel changing
Optical setting available
Optical measuring available
The bench mounted 05-10 machine offers 4-facet point grinding of drills from 0.3 to 6.35 mm as standard with the option of increasing capacity to 10 mm. A web thinning attachment is available which allows various form of web thinning and point correction as well as split pointing. The machine will grind both HSS and Carbide with suitable wheels. Grinding range
Standard 0.3-6.35mm with additional equipment up to 10mm.
4-facet grinding as standard.
Web thinning attachment available for point thinning and point correction.
A most versatile tool and cutter grinder offering infinitely variable, finger free, spiral control for both right and left hand helix. ISO 40 workhead with collet capacity to 36 mm. A very wide range of standard and special tools can be accurately ground on this machine with the availability of optical measuring for checking without removal from the collet. Both HSS and Carbide tools can be ground using suitable wheels and the quick change wheel arbors keep set up times to an absolute minimum. ISO 40 taper in head
Collet system 0.5-36mm dia
Infinitely variable spiral
Left and right hand helix
Rapid semi-automatic index flute to flute
Chamfer grinding
Taper grinding attachment available
Quick change wheel arbors
The FSW-155 is an infinitely variable spiral grinding unit that allows any spiral, left or right-hand to be set on the backlash free system that caters for all angles of spiral from 0-∞. The unit will mount onto all popular makes of cutter grinder and features finger free grinding of all sizes of cutter and is especially good for grinding ripper cutters where grinding from a ginger gives very poor results. The body clearance of cutters can be ground very quickly with the clearance angles being easily and accurately set. A cutter ground on this system will match a CNC ground tool for accuracy.

Spiral angle R.H./L.H. 0-∞

Collet capacity - ISO 40

Grinding length - 155mm

Supply - Single phase 240V

The NCW range of CNC controlled grinding fixtures feature single axis indexing heads (NCW-100), two axis grinding fixtures (NCW-155) and three axis cutter grinding (NCW-300). All the options feature the same highly acurate, back-lash free indexing head capable of up to 999 divisions. The two and three axis units have high precision ball screws for the linear axis ensuring excellent spiral generation or straight grinding with excellent repeatability. Software for all popular grinding requirements are included in the control package. Options of stepping motor or servodrives are available on all the units and a choice of control units is available to suit particular applications. The units will mount on any of the popular tool and cutter grinders and give automatic grinding, allowing the operator to control two or more machines dependant on application


Single axis

Indexing up to 999 indexes

Function for unequal divide

Probe flutes to follow existing index


Two axis CNC

As NCW-100 with linear axis

Spiral at any lead, left or right hand

Programs for gashing, end teeth, flute and body clearance grinding on straight and tapered tools


Three axis CNC

As NCW-155 with options for radius and form grinding, in cycle dressing and stepped tools

Saacke have been producing cutting tools for over 100 years. The machine tool section was formed to produce machine tools meeting their most demanding applications which were simply not available elsewhere. Their range of Hob Grinding and Universal Tool & Cutter Grinding machines meet the high standards that todays markets demand.
The UW 1 C offers the accuracy of CNC grinding with the speed of setting of a manual tool & cutter grinder in a unique package. The grinding head rise and fall is motor driven whilst the two axis CNC will generate accurate spirals for parallel and tapered tools. A wide range of software covers all conventional applications with special software being offered for high performance drill point geometries.

CNC Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine with 5 CNC axes

The UW 1 E machine offers the latest in software development with the high standards of precision associated with heavy stable construction and large dimensional guiding systems but with clever design engineering is condensed into a compact machine construction.The machine offers the benefits of digital control and axis drives, a workhead directly driven for cylindrical grinding and a large grinding spindle with wheel packages at both ends. This, coupled with the automatic handling system, probing system and user friendly software for a complete range of cutting tools for the metal and woodworking industries, results in a machine high on specification but low on price. Touch screen technology as well as 3-D simulation are also available.

Tool Data Workhead A-axis with direct drive
Max dia. 300mm Work spindle taper ISO50
Max dia. for complete grinding 250mm Thru bore capacity 28mm dia.
  Thru bore capacity with auto clamping 20mm dia.
Centre height 152mm No of indexes 1-999
  Indexing accuracy+/- 15"
Grinding table X-axis Max rpm of work spindle 600 rpm
Longitudinal travel 340mm  
Feed rate 0-15mm/min Resolution
  X,Y and Z axes 0.0001mm
Swivel table W-axis A and W axes 0.0001 Grad
Swivel in horizontal plane 260 degrees  
  Drive Output ratings
Cross travel Y-axis Grinding motor peak capacity 7kW (15kW option)
Longitudinal travel 840mm Longitudinal axis X 3kW
Feed rate 0-15mm/min Cross travel axis Z 3kW
  Workhead drive axis A 3kW
Grinding head Vertical travel axis Y 3kW
Spindle dia. 100mm Swivel table axis W 3kW
Taper on both ends of spindle HSK-C50  
Spindle speed infinitely variable 2000-10000rpm Total power rating 17kW
Grinding wheel dia. 175mm Weight approx 3900kg

CNC Grinding Centre with fully automatic grinding wheel changer and tool loader

A total grinding package with fully automatic wheel changing with 4 magazine positions (8 optional) and simultaneous changing of cooling nozzles to suit wheel configuration. Coupled with the integrated tool changer this machine offers a total lights out operation capability. Digital control and axis drives and a direct drive rotational axis for cylindrical grinding are standard. The user friendly software offers grinding solutions for metal and woodworking applications.

Tool Data Workhead A-axis with direct drive
Max dia. 250mm Work spindle taper ISO50
Max dia. for complete grinding 250mm Thru bore capacity 28mm dia.
Max cutting edge length for complete grinding 430mm Thru bore capacity with auto clamping 20mm dia.
  No of indexes 1-999
Centre height 195mm Indexing accuracy +/- 15"
  Max rpm of work spindle 600rpm
Grinding table X-axis  
Longitudinal travel 625mm Resolution
Feed rate 0-15mm/min X, Y and Z axes 0.0001mm
  A and W axes 0.0001 Grad
Cross travel Z-axis  
Longitudinal travel 305mm Drive Output ratings
Feed rate 0-15mm/min Grinding motor peak capacity 26kW
  Longitudinal axis X 3kW
Vertical travel Y-axis Cross travel axis Z 3kW
Vertical travel 305mm Workhead drive axis A 3kW
Feed rate 0-15mm/min Vertical travel axis Y 3kW
  Swivel table axis W 3kW
Grinding head B-axis  
Swivel in horizontal plane 240 degrees Total power rating 28kW
Spindle dia. 170mm  
Taper on both ends of spindle HSK-C50 Weight approx 5200kg
Spindle speed infinitely variable 2000-10000rpm  
Max grinding wheel dia. 150mm