Coolant Filtration

Turbo Separator

Todays requirement for ever higher productivity demands the most from your process in which the coolant or lubricant will play a major part. The demands from the coolant can mean a very short working life or the rapid decline in tool performance as dirt and other contaminants build up in the system. Turbo-Separator offer a range of fluid cleaning modules that can be integrated with your system or used as portable cleansing units. Built around the very efficient cleaning centrifuge, each of the modules offered gives rapid and efficient separation of solids from liquid and also can remove other liquid contaminants from the system, such as hydraulic oil from soluble coolant. Environmental factors also demand that waste products are free of process contaminants and the fastest, safest way to remove solids from liquid is often by the centrifugal method. This means that not only is your waste water clean, but valuable material can be recovered, for recycling in many instances. They do not use expensive filter materials and give a sludge with very little residual moisture and all solids, even non-magnetics, such as glass, ceramic, grinding medium fines, rubbings from honing and lapping stones and graphite can be completely removed. All types of liquids can be cleaned such as water, emulsions, oil, petroleum and electrolyte with a constant grade of filtration.