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For more than 125 years SAACKE is known worldwide for the experience in producing precision tools and tool and cutter grinders. In 1892 our family business started in a first step with the standard production of tools. Industry had an ever greater need for low cost machine tools.


We engineer and build High Precision Tool Grinding Machines and supply Customer specific Application Technology for Tools in Carbide, HSS and other materials in a diameter range of 0,02 to 16 mm.

Rego-Fix Toolholding

The REGO-FIX standard ER collet is the most widely used clamping system in the world. Originally created and patented in 1973 by REGO-FIX, it is ideal for a variety of machining applications including milling, reaming, boring, tapping and grinding. Inlike other systems, the REGO-FIX collets offer a wide clamping range while retaining the concentricity of component or tool.

Carbide Tool Blanks

Since our foundation in 2000 our 50+ employees have done our best every day to be a reliable and high-performance partner for our customers. To be able to work productively, we rely on our well-educated staff and the latest high-tech machines from established manufacturers like ROLLOMATIC, REINECKER, HÄBERLE, HOFFMANN, CLEVELAND and HAIMER.

Tool & Cutter Grinding

The name SCHREYER has represented innovation and precision in machine manufacturing since 1919. With more than 15,000 manual universal tool grinding machines from the following manufacturers currently sold and serviced by us worldwide

Automatic Saws

The Bimax range of circular saws are designed for cutting a wide range of materials at very high accuracy. A range of material handling options are offered as well as other, in process, operations such as brushing, drilling, milling, washing and sorting. Where the section permits, multiple pieces can be cut together in bundles and special jaws are available to handle complex profile extrusions.

Clamping & Indexing

The Nann range of clamping and indexing units covers a wide range of applications from simple pneumatic clamping units through to NC indexing units and multiple indexing systems.

Coolant Filtration

Todays requirement for ever higher productivity demands the most from your process in which the coolant or lubricant will play a major part. The demands from the coolant can mean a very short working life or the rapid decline in tool performance as dirt and other contaminants build up in the system.

Slicing Machines

Meyer & Burger have built a worldwide reputation for the finest quality slicing machines available. Their expertise in cutting GLASS, MAGNETIC MATERIALS, SILICON and other SEMICONDUCTOR MATERIALS is unsurpassed in the industry. We offer four types of saw to suit each step of the production cycle from ingot to wafer.