Slicing Machines

Meyer & Burger

Meyer & Burger have built a worldwide reputation for the finest quality slicing machines available. Their expertise in cutting GLASS, MAGNETIC MATERIALS, SILICON and other SEMICONDUCTOR MATERIALS is unsurpassed in the industry. We offer four types of saw to suit each step of the production cycle from ingot to wafer.

Cutting of large ingots into blocks for subsequent operations. Cut material with an anular blade for accuracy and yield. Cutting of blocks into wafers where highest yield is important. Cut material with a conventional peripheral blade.
Workpiece Length 680mm 700mm
Width 680mm 700mm
Height 400mm 700mm
Weight-Max 500kg 1200kg
Total Travel 800mm 900mm
Feedrate 0-100 0-100
Blade Speed 0-3000 0-3000
Pre-Tension 5-35kN 5-35kN
Blade Thickness 0.5-1.3mm 0.5-1.3mm
Blade Width 40-100mm 25-100mm
Blade Length 8550mm 8550mm
The Band Saws BS-800 and the larger capacity BS-810 are designed to cut large blocks of silicon, fused quartz, ceramic and other hard and brittle materials using diamond coated blades. Blocks as large as 27.6" x 27.6" x 27.6 can be cut into plates which can then be sliced into smaller cubes or prisms using the automatic rotary table. The blade is in the horizontal plane with the workpiece being fed vertically to the blade with automatic monitoring systems ensuring high accuracy and repeatability of cutting.

The blade features hydraulic tensioning system with running being controlled by electrical inclination of the two running wheels, all of which is away from the wet area. The band saw is guided by air bearings on either side of the workpiece, both of which are adjustable for position.

I.D. Saws use an anular blade to give highly accurate cutting with minimal kurf losses. The extremely cost effective with high value materials offering a very good yield from material. The anular saw TS-23 is especially designed for fully automatic slicing of hard and brittle materials and others. The design of the machine contains the latest in I.D. slicing technology offering high accuracy, simple and reliable conception, easy operation and maintenance. SPECIFICATION TS-23
Workpiece dia up to 155mm
Maximum length of workpiece 650mm
Horizontal Orientation +/- 7 degrees
Vertical Orientation

+/- 7 degrees

Index infinitely adjustable from 0-14mm
Smallest Index Step 0.001mm
Feedrate infinitely variable 3-200mm/min
The TS-202 is similar to the TS-23 in concept but offers a far greater range of ingot orientation and NC control of the index and cutting functions. SPECIFICATION TS-202
Workpiece dia up to 155mm
Maximum length of workpiece 650mm
Horizontal Orientation -7 / +61 degrees
Index infinitely adjustable from 0-600mm
Smallest index step 0.001mm
Feedrate inifinitely variable 1-999mm/min
The TS-206 is a fully automatic I.D. slicing machine designed to cut large quantities of 8" dia.. wafers, primarily for the semiconductor industry but can also be used on other hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, quartz glass and magnet materials. A grinding device for ingot grinding can be specified for maximum flatness of the wafer side. The machine features the latest CNC controls with active matrix colour monitor. SPECIFICATION TS-206
Workpiece dia up to 210mm
Maximum length of workpiece 500mm
Horizontal Orientation -5 / +5 degrees
Vertical Orientation -4 / +4 degrees
Smallest index step 0.001mm
Feedrate inifinitely variable 2-400mm/min
The TS-205 annular saw has been designed for automatic cropping and wafer slicing of long ingots of hard and brittle materials, particularly semiconductors. The special ingot holding system offers cutting of ingots into sections, slicing sample wafers and cropping off the end pieces. It is not necessary to prepare the ingot e.g. grinding the circumference or mounting it on a beam. SPECIFICATION TS-205
Workpiece dia up to 165mm
Maximum length of workpiece 2100mm
Horizontal Orientation -5 / +5 degrees
Vertical Orientation -2.5 / +2.5 degrees
Smallest index step 0.001mm
Feedrate inifinitely variable 2-300mm/min
Wire saw technology has developed to cut high quantities of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry but applications include the cutting of Germanium, Gallium-Arsenide, Ceramics, Glass, Ferite and other semiconductor materials. Losses are kept to a minimum using small diameter wire in fine slurry and production throughput is optimised with the ability to cut up to four ingots at the same time. Sophisticated control systems on the wire spools enable high cutting accuracy to be maintained with excellent machine performance with low warp and TTV is one of the outstanding features of the Meyer and Burger wire saws.
The DS-260 was designed to cut large quantities of wafers from valuable materials in a single cycle at high speed and with minimum kerf losses. One of its classic applications is in slicing photovoltaic solar cells from ingots of pure silicon but even when cutting hard non-metallic materials like ceramics, magnetic materials, quartz, quartz glass etc., the DS-260 sets new standards in economy, profitability and wafer qualities that until a few years ago were unthinkable. The demand for ever greater production and the increase in diameter of silicon ingots has lead to the development of larger machines but the DS-260 retains a place for those cutting smaller ingots. SPECIFICATION DS-260
Maximum workpiece size 150x150x400mm
Wafer Thickness As Specified
Wire dia. 0.15-2.0mm
Wire Length 70-200km
Wire Tension 0-50N
Wire Speed 5-15mm/sec
Feed Height 340mm
Feed Speed 0-10mm/min
High Speed Feed 0-200mm/min
The DS-261 wire saw has been developed to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry but can be utilised in cutting any hard and brittle materials. The machine features full electronic control with automatic surveillance which permits the operator to run several machines simultaneously. Over one thousand wafers can be produced in a single cycle with excellent results in low warp, TTV and bow with minimum kerf loss. SPECIFICATION DS-261
Workpiece dia max. 305mm
Ingot length max. 410mm
Wire Speed Up To 15mm/sec
Wire Tensioning 0-50N
No. of wire guides 3
Driven wire guides 1
Cutting Feed 0.1-2mm/min
The DS-262 wire saw optimises machine time with the ability to cut four ingots at the same time. The machine features four driven wire guide rolls with easy access to both sides for rapid setting and ease of maintenance. The spools are mounted vertically to reduce vibration and increase bearing life as well as ensuring uniform wire winding. The latest PC technology with active colour monitor constantly monitor the cutting process to produce excellent results. SPECIFICATION DS-262
Capacity Four Ingots 150x150x520mm or 150mm dia x 520mm
Production Rates up to 4160 wafers/hr